Wellhealthorganic.com Easily Remove Dark Spots Lemon Juice: Scientific Proved

Wellhealthorganic.com Easily Remove Dark Spots Lemon Juice: Scientific Proved

We are glad to have you here, after verification by expert’s “Well health tips” were offered. All data we post is expert verified, nothing from our thinking. Wellhealthorganic.com gives assurance to their users that they can easily remove dark spots by lemon juice. If you are also shocked with this statement then you should read this page, we will try to provide reliable information.

What Is Wellhealthorganic.com?

Wellhealthorganic.com is related to Health care, Fitness tips, Ayurvedic benefits etc. Wellhealth organic gives complete tips for health care, home remedies, beauty and more other tips. Wellhealth organic believes in the power of natural ingredients such as lemon juice, aloe vera and many others to give gentle and effective skin care solutions. Wellhealth organic makes sure that their products are free of chemicals.

What are Dark Spots? Causes of Dark Spots.


Some areas of skin become darker because of the common condition “hyperpigmentation”. “Hyper” in hyperpigmentation stands for more, and “pigmentation” in hyperpigmentation stands for color. Lemon juice can cure dark spots easily.

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The main causes of dark spots are Ultraviolet rays, direct exposure to sunlight, and hormonal changes. Because of these reasons, skin becomes pigmented and called melanin. Melanin is the well known provider of color to our eyes, our hairs. Melanin also helps to protect our skin from dangerous UV rays.

How to Cure Dark Spots by using Natural Remedies.

According to “Oregon state university” lemon juice results in the retention of the melanin combination in our skin.According to Dr. Philipp Babilas from Germany, the Alpha hydroxy acid which is present in lemon juice works as an exfoliator and helps in peeling off uppermost dead cells that will result in lightning dark spots from your face.

Lemon contains vitamin C which also works as the best antioxidant, and results in bright skin tone.

1. By Using a mask of lemon and honey-  The mixture of lemon and honey results in lightening up   the skin and clear the skin.

How to use:Mask of honey and lemon- to make honey and lemon mask you need only  2 basic things that are 1 tablespoon original honey and half lemon’s juice. Here are steps for usage of honey and lemon masks.

Step 1: firstly clean your face and remove dirt.

Step 2: make mixture of honey and lemon juice together.

Step 3: apply paste you made on your face and neck.

Step 4: leave mask for approx 15-20 minutes.

Step 5: Use warm water to remove it from the face.

2. By using combo of turmeric and lemon juice- combination of turmeric and lemon juice is called effective combo.

How to use: Effective combo, turmeric and lemon- 2 basic ingredients required. One tablespoon turmeric powder and juice of half lemon. Tips are mentioned below to use the combo.

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Step 1:Wash your face with water. remove dust and makeup.

Step 2: Makes a paste of lemon and turmeric  together.

Step 3: covers your face with paste.

Step 4: Now leave paste on your face and neck for 15 minutes.

Step 5: By using luke water wash your face.

Step 6: Now apply moisturizer on your face, it is very important step.

3. With help of lemon and yogurt: For bright and sensitive skin- Yogurt contains lactic acid, to get rid of dead skin use this combination.

Steps to use: mixture of yogurt and lemon-  for mixture only 1 tablespoon yogurt and juice of half lemon(fresh) is needed. Follow these steps for glowing skin and remove dead skin.

Step 1: clean your face remove dust and makeup.

Step 2: mix two ingredients together.

Step 3: Apply paste on face and neck if you want.

Step 4: Leave mask for 15 minutes.

Step 5:  Now wash your face with luke water.

Step 6:  Now apply moisturizer on your face for better skin.

4. Overnight lemon juice treatment-  apply half lemon juice on your face and neck with help of cotton pad and leave it for overnight. do not rub paste on your face and apply it gently. It will works as deep treatment for your skin.

How to stop Dark spots.

Here are some tips you can follow to avert or prevent dark spots. Wear sun protection cream when you go out, to stop dark spots and premature aging of skin. Use an SPF of 50 for a complete body. Took antioxidants rich diets like eating berries, green leafy vegetables etc to balance the healthy diet and support skin health.


Because of vitamin C, lemon juice provides a natural way to reduce dark spots. Every detail of the given content is 100% scientific. Only facts not myths. Continuous use of such lemon juice remedies leads to skin improvement, health and clarity. So, why not use these remedies without using any harsh chemicals, just applying natural remedies. People who have sensitive skin, use these remedies cautiously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it important to conduct a patch test before applying lemon juice masks on your face?

A. Yes, you should always conduct a patch test.

Q. Can lemon juice remove dark spots from the skin?

A. Yes for sure, lemon juice can help fade away the dark spots easily.

Q. Can honey be useful for removing dark spots from the face?

A. Yes , organic or pure honey can be useful to get rid of dark spots just by applying.

Q. Can lemon juice stop itching also?

A. Yes, lemon juice aims to solve the problem of itchy skin.

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